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The traumatic experiences of one’s life can take an equal toll on the individual and surrounding loved ones. Even the unhealthy habits of one’s lifestyle can have lasting effects on the individual and others. One traumatic event can affect the people involved in different ways, leading to mental health conditions beginning to form. The longer one holds onto these issues and avoids treatment, the worse it can get.

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More than just a Conversation

Other people develop these conditions at a young age or grow up with mental health issues. Due to that, it is important to learn methods for identifying negative behaviors that fuel these conditions. We offer various forms of family and individual counseling to help people process mental health issues and conditions.

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues or conditions, our counseling can help to identify the source of the problem and recommend treatment.

Counseling is more than just a conversation, single diagnosis or prescription medication. Counseling helps patients to work through their issues and find effective long-term solutions. It involves listening to a patient’s struggles and going over what is brought up each session. All of this can lead down the road to recovery and healing. At Jesup Urgent Care , we offer several types of counseling, including:

  • Family counseling for PTSD
  • Family counseling for anxiety and adult behavior
  • Weight loss counseling

While counseling will involve talking with one of our team members and possibly other family members, it is comprised of more than just advice. One of our team members has the skills and professional expertise to provide professional mental health treatment through counseling. This counseling can be one-on-one or with family members.

Benefits and Types of Counseling

Benefits of family counseling include:

  • Being able to work through issues together
  • Helping the family understand what the patient is feeling
  • Helping the patient understand what the family is feeling
  • Learning techniques for the family to use that can help them work through these issues
  • Promote understanding and cooperation among family members

By offering counseling that treats multiple conditions, we can help patients with different struggles to receive professional care. We can also help them work through some of these issues to rebuild a family relationship.

Family Counseling for PTSD

Short for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD is a disorder that involves people struggling to cope with a traumatic event from a natural disaster or serious accident to a personal assault. People who experience or merely witness it can struggle with PTSD of the event. People of any background can struggle with PTSD and will not always realize that is the case.

Symptoms of PTSD include intense thoughts or feelings on or about the traumatic event that are disturbing. Some people will relive the event or avoid situations that remind them of the event. It is important to note that these feelings of sadness, anger, or fear are much more intense than feeling a little upset.

Family counseling will only be one part of treatment for PTSD and may not be permanent. In fact, some people may only need one or two sessions of family counseling, while also receiving separate therapy. This therapy can help the individual and family members understand the effects of the PTSD all around.

Family Counseling for Adult Anxiety and Behaviors

It is easy for people to struggle with anxiety and never seek treatment. Many adults struggle with anxiety or other conditions and do not realize how it controls their lives. An anxiety disorder will interrupt a person’s ability to work, function or socialize with others. There are multiple types of anxiety with similar symptoms and varying levels of severity.

Since no patient is exactly like another, the anxiety treatment needs to be customized to the individual patient’s needs. With family counseling, we can help the patient and family to work through any issues. We can help the family members to understand just how their behavior can affect the patient and vice versa.

Weight Loss Counseling

People trying to lose weight on their own may find it difficult to stick to the diet and continue to maintain their new weight after losing it. However, many people struggle with overeating due to emotional eating. Low self-esteem and sadness can result in patients consuming more food than normal or binge eating.

With weight loss counseling, we can help patients lose weight and provide support along the way. We can explore any issues that fuel unhealthy eating and behaviors, giving patients the methods necessary to work through those issues.

For more information on our treatment and counseling services, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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